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Whether you need a relaxing massage in the privacy of your hotel room, or at your home or a sports massage treatment before / after the game, deep tissue treatment after a long journey or an injury, all you need to do is make a call and we will take care of the rest. The professional skilled and specialized touch of our massage therapists will help your body to recover after a stressful day.

  • Body to Body Slides Massage
  • Tantric Massage
  • Sensual and Sexy Massage or Erotic Massage
  • Four Hands Massage
  • Erotic Water Seduction Massage

Sexy Model Escort in Delhi is the only service provider that brings the sensuality of erotic massage to you in the comfort and privacy of a hotel room or at your home. Just one call and a gorgeous masseuse will immediately be with you in the place you want ready to turn your fantasies into reality.

The descriptions of each type of massage will give you a general idea of what is included in the various sessions. We program every massage to be perfect for each individual client. Our experienced, friendly and very sexy masseuses will provide a pampering massage that will intensify your senses and take you in the paradise.

Body to Body Slides Massage

Massage is an excellent therapy for eliminating the pain, aches and stresses of modern life style. Now experience the ancient art of massage with the excitement of full body to body slides.

Our beautiful masseuse will spoil and pamper you with the indescribable sensation of soft oiled skin on skin. As she rubs herself on your body you will feel all tension flow out of your body. You will feel warmth and a heavenly sense of relaxation spreading from head to toes. The erotic touch of a beautiful woman’s body surrounds you with a feeling of well being and mental and physical peace.

A beautiful masseuse sliding over you, body to body creates an intense experience that is extremely erotic. As the healing energy works to trigger and revive you will experience ever increasing sexual pleasure culminating in a mind blowing release as you reach your very happy ending.

Tantric Massage

Your fully trained erotic masseuse, removes her robe to allow you enjoy the whole tantric massage experience. Our professional masseuse will make sure your body is fully relaxed using her hands and body in the most intimate Tenerife tantric massage possible, before lifing the tempo, and bringing you to the peak of pleasure.

Sensual and Sexy Massage or Erotic Massage

A sensual massage not only feels awesome, it is also good to your physical and emotional well being.

The ancient art of massage as a method of relaxation is perfect for combating the stresses and strains of modern life style. The special techniques of an erotic massage will totally relax the body and mind. Heated oil rubbed gently and lavishly over the whole body stimulates the pleasure centres creating a feeling of blissful warmth and intense pleasure.

As hands, fingers and the whole body touch, press, stroke and slide, the affection of skin on skin will leave you completely immersed in sensations of love, happiness and relaxation. All pains and aches, stresses and tensions are massaged away and erotic pleasure increases culminating in an earth moving happy ending.

The experience of a sensual massage awakens the senses so that you walk away rejuvenated and invigorated in mind and body. You will feel like a king, glowing with health and ready to take on whatever life has in store for you.

Four Hands Massage

Our Four hands massage is performed by two gorgeous woman. A similar experience such as the Tantric or Body to Body massage, only with double the effect, and double pleasure! A truly calming and enlightening experience of four angelic hands, twenty fingers massaging your body and soul into Tantric euphoria!

In a regular massage you can keep track of the movement of the hands. In a four hands massage the mind can't follow all the motion of the hands any longer and consequently 'gives up' allowing you to relax totally. By surrendering to this sublime symphony of healing and pleasure created by four hands working together in a rythm, you are able to reach a state of complete relaxation. This is a splendid and rewarding experience.

Receiving an erotic massage at the hands of two beautiful women is the privileged luxury. Whether you need this attention because of the stress or the hard work you have been under, or simply because you want to treat yourself on a spiritual level. Having an erotic massage with two woman will certainly leave you reinvigorated and spiritually peace, ready to take on the world again. Four hands massage is a heavenly experience on earth, simply put.

Erotic Water Seduction Massage

The Erotic Water Seduction Massage is breathtaking. This massage is programmed to the individual that would like to experience the wonder of the cleansing sensuality and calming quality that water can have, added together with Erotic Tantric Massage.

Once your masseuse has arrived and you have been introduced, she will take you to join her in a bath/shower depending on the availability. The masseuse will enter with you and begin slowly cleansing, seducing and massaging your body all over with the water covering you. This creates a sensual, joyous state of mind and when you both decide it is time, she will help you leave the water and slowly pat you down in preparation for the next step.

You will be taken to the bed where you will be asked to lay on your front. The massage will then begin a very erotic captivating tantric massage. It starts with very gentle touch then your masseuse will pour some rich tantric oils across your body and she will skillfully initiate. As the massage progresses, she starts very sensual close contact body to body massage, where she will ease and rub her body across your front and back covered in the sensual oils. Skillfully passing energy between you and creating your erotic desire, while stress relieving your muscles.

After the dizzying peaks of climax, your masseuse will then help you through to the shower again to remove oil from your complete body, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. The complete process will leave you with your body and mind completely rejuvenated.

We also offer personalised massage service for our clients. Rates starting from Rs.5,000/- to Rs.15,000/- depending upon the category of female massage you are lookig for..

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